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Instructional Strategies Outcome 6

Experience and reflect on instructional strategies through model lessons and a typical day

Instructional Strategies Outcome 7

Know that lesson closure provides opportunities for students to make connections among key mathematical ideas and provides opportunities to reflect on the math goal

Instructional Strategies Outcome 8

Understand the importance of using a variety of instructional strategies and activities to engage students in chapter closure

Intentional Planning Outcome 1

Create, implement and reflect on purposefully planned CPM lessons

Intentional Planning Outcome 10

Integrate Desmos and other eTools into purposefully planned lessons that engage students with content

Intentional Planning Outcome 2

Create, implement, reflect on and revise an Implementation Action Plan that will guide classroom procedures and expectations

Intentional Planning Outcome 3

Incorporate suggested Universal Access strategies to support all students

Intentional Planning Outcome 4

Plan for intentional use of instructional strategies that support formative assessment

Intentional Planning Outcome 5

Use the course preparation resources to inform individual school decisions

Intentional Planning Outcome 6

Plan each chapter using the opening teacher notes

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