Reciprocal Teaching

Mode of Instruction: Partner Work           Purpose: Articulate understanding

Objective: To build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding, students share self-generated, flexible strategies to a partner. Teacher monitors the development of strategies over an extended period of time.

This is an activity that can be done at any time during the class period to check for understanding. At the beginning of the period, students could be asked to explain a concept or definition from the previous day or week. It would serve to remind them of what they have recently learned. Or this might be a way to introduce the topic of the day by remembering some of the parts from previous units which lead up to the new concept. If reciprocal teaching is used during the middle of class it can be used to check the comprehension of what is being learned in that day's lesson. The teacher listens to as many pairs as possible to formatively assess what they have learned and to identify questions and points of confusion.

  • Students work in pairs.

  • Partner (1) pretends that Partner (2) was absent and explains a concept.

  • Switch roles and Partner (2) pretends that Partner (1) was absent and explains a second concept.

  • Teacher circulates to listen to as many pairs as possible.

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