Participation Quiz

Mode of Instruction: Teamwork/Teacher-led           Purpose: Promote equitable team routines

Objective: To establish mathematics goals to focus learning, students practice equitable routines and team roles that progress throughout tasks and problem solving. Teacher monitors and records participation in expected routines and roles.

During a team worthy task, the teacher picks a class norm on which to focus and provide students with feedback. The teacher explains to students how the feedback will be presented (rubric, laminated feedback cards, overhead, posters, chalkboard, electronic, etc.). The teacher may want to pause to debrief in the middle and end of class, or just debrief at the end of the class period.

  • Teacher displays the team norm that will be the focus of the lesson.

  • Teacher explains to teams how they will monitor teamwork.

  • Teacher records comments while students are working.

  • Debrief together as a class.

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