I Have...Who Has...

Mode of Instruction: Teacher-led            Purpose: Elicit final reflective comment

Objective: To facilitate mathematical discourse, students share understanding of a concept/topic and critique the sharing of others. Teacher makes instructional decisions about the concept/topic based on sharing.

To review, build vocabulary, connect mathematical representations, or connect mathematical threads, Teacher leads I Have...Who Has... Student receives a card with one problem and one answer. Student (1)—starter card—states, "Who has...[problem]." Student (2)—with the solution—says, "I have...[answer]." This continues throughout the set of cards.

This strategy may be modified for independent practice, partners, or teams. Consider time restrictions and multiple rounds.

  • Student receives a card with one problem and one answer to a different problem.

  • Student (1) asks, "Who has..." and states the problem.

  • Student (2)—with the solution—says, "I have..." and states the answer.

  • Process continues until all problems have answers.

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