Give One - Get One

Mode of Instruction: Partner Work           Purpose: Share ideas

Objective: To facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse, students give and receive information about a concept to build shared understanding. Teacher monitors through circulation.

Students explain and critique ideas with members of the class. For example, students write three ideas on separate note cards for creating positive team norms. Students circulate to give one idea to a classmate, while they get one idea. Student names are recorded next to the idea. For closure, a volunteer reads an idea from a classmate, and then the named person continues to share another idea. Allow many to share.

  • Students record three ideas to share about a given topic.

  • Students circulate and share ideas.

  • For each idea the student gives, they get one in return to record on paper - including the name of the student who gives the idea.

  • After many ideas are gathered, the teacher asks a volunteer to read an idea from a classmate and their name.

  • Named classmate then shares the idea of another classmate and the sharing process continues.

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