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Mode of Instruction: Independent/Teacher-led           Purpose: Silent reflection

Objective: To establish mathematics goals to focus learning, students silently contemplate topics that generate ideas within learning progressions. Teacher observes to make instructional decisions.

Students participate in the silent activity to reflect, summarize ideas, generate ideas, assess learning, or solve problems. Display posters with one topic or concept on each poster. Students use a writing utensil and circulate to each poster. Student (1) adds one brief note or explanation to the poster. Time for activity varies depending on the topic. You may want to consider using a timer to help pace the time at each poster.

  • Display posters with one topic or concept per poster.

  • Student has one writing utensil.

  • Silently, Student (1) circulates to each poster, writing a brief note or explanation on each one.

  • After rotation is complete, students return to seats.

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