Mode of Instruction: Teamwork           Purpose: Share ideas

Objective: To facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse, teams swap two members with another team to compare and analyze approaches to problem solving. The teacher monitors through circulation and makes ongoing instructional decisions.

Teams work on problems where ideas are generated, strategies are formed, and solutions are developed. At times, teams reach a point of impasse. When this happens, this strategy can be used to allow team members to swap ideas with other teams. Two team members rotate to the next team to exchange strategies and ideas with that team. After sharing, students return to their original teams to share new understanding.

  • When a team task is partially finished, one pair from each team rotates to the next team.

  • Pairs from the two teams exchange ideas, solutions, thinking, etc.

  • Pairs return to their original teams and each pair shares what they learned from other teams.

  • Teams continue to work on problems.

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