Red Light - Green Light

Mode of Instruction: Teamwork/Teacher-led           Purpose: Sequencing of lesson

Objective: To establish mathematics goals to focus learning, teams check in regularly to move through the learning progress in a way that promotes successful completion of tasks. Teacher monitors and adjusts instruction throughout the check-ins.

Teacher ensures that teams verify the correct solution to each problem before proceeding to the next problem. Each team indicates their status—red indicates finished and green indicates in progress. The teacher circulates to red light teams to pose purposeful questions to check for understanding. Students continue to the next problem as instructed by the teacher.

  • Each team has a red cup and green cup, or laminated double-sided red/green card to indicate status.

  • While the team works together on a problem or problems, status is set to a green light.

  • When the team finishes a problem or gets stuck, status is set to red light.

  • Teacher goes over to a red light and poses questions to check for understanding.

  • After speaking with the teacher, teams go to the next problem or set of problems.

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