Carousel: Around the World

Mode of Instruction: Teamwork             Purpose: Brainstorm

Objective: To facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse, students share thinking and generate ideas by viewing multiple rounds of presentations. The teacher monitors learning through posing purposeful questions. 

Teams explore topics or questions displayed on poster paper around the classroom. After a brief discussion—two or three minutes, teams agree on a written statement to add to the poster. Teams rotate several times to discuss additional topics or questions. Teams read the previous written statements before adding to the list. Teacher monitors and determines when to conclude the activity. A Gallery Walk closure provides students time to read all of the written statements.

  • Display topics or questions around the classroom.

  • Provide a different colored marker for each team.

  • Assign one team to each topic or question to start.

  • Teams discuss and agree on a written statement to include about the topic.

  • Teams rotate to the next topic or question and repeat the process every few minutes.

  • For closure, facilitate a Gallery Walk to view all topics or questions.

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